About Us

About Us

Gaira Ghee, is premium quality Gir cows milk ghee made by traditional Vedic method. It is 100% Pure grass fed Gir cows A2 Vedic Ghee and with 100% natural farming.Ghee is known as the golden medicine of Ayurveda. Ghee’s healing properties is highly beneficial to the human health. The milk is naturally obtained with care from cows that graze on grass freely in forest &, openly and raised on a healthy and a happy farm. Desi cow ghee is gluten free and can be consumed by lactose and casein sensitive people. Gaira Ghee is made with Natural farming practices only and hence uses natural substances. This means avoiding all artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or genetically modified organisms (gmos).

” Our Experts make sure the right balance of nutrition is given to every cow. Fresh seasonal crops are fed to cows to make them healthier. We never interfere with their natural instincts. Cows spend quality time with their calves every day. We follow only natural service with high pedigree gir bulls. “

We provide the highest quality Gaira ghee and try our best to educate our consumers about the health benefits of ghee, as well as Ayurveda. Because ghee is nourishing for both inside and outside the body.

Everything we do stays true to our unwavering commitment being more connected- to ourselves, to each other, and to the land.